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Barbering has long been counted among the most stable and respected trades, weathering everything from economic downturns to fashion trends that lean more towards the unkempt than the well-groomed. This has allowed the neighborhood barber to do well regardless of the economic or fashion climate of the day, which can’t be said of many other trades.

As interest in classic masculine style and grooming is currently in vogue and enjoying a renaissance, the services provided by skilled barbers are now in great demand, with shops frequently taking appointments weeks in advance.

As men with an appreciation for a well-styled cut, close shave and well-maintained beard, we decided it was high time we create a one-of-a-kind resource designed specifically for aspiring and practicing barbers. Seeing great potential in the renewed interest we’ve been seeing in classic style and the tradition of the American barbershop, we’ve taken our cue and created barber-license.com.

Like so many things that come from a place of inspiration, barber-license.com was created specifically to address a need that wasn’t being serviced. For years, would-be barbers have been left to search for education requirements, exam prep guides, earnings information, and chair rental or shop owner licensing requirements from multiple sources – most of which are not known for being very user friendly.

Barber-license.com was created in close collaboration with each state’s Board of Barbering to ensure the accuracy of the information we publish in our easy-to-use, step-by-step state-specific licensing guides. To ensure the credibility and usefulness of the information we provide, we also worked closely with licensed barbers from several states who graciously offered critical feedback.

We fondly remember Sunday trips to the barbershop with dad, and are unabashed about our nostalgia for traditional barbershop culture. More than that, we appreciate those that work hard to master the art of barbering. We are confident that you – the aspiring barber – will find barber-license.com to be exactly what you’ve been looking for in an all-inclusive resource on barber training and licensing. Use barber-license.com freely as you take the first steps toward a long and rewarding career in barbering.

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