Barber Schools and License Requirements in Louisiana

Barbers are the specialists in masculine style, providing facial, shaving, and haircutting services to men. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana is among the top five highest paying states for barbers across the entire United States.

Further, Louisiana is already a sweet spot for barbershops, as it is home to one of the “Manliest Barbershops in America,” according to Men’s Health Magazine. Magazine St. Barber Shop in New Orleans invokes the tradition of classic masculine style by offering customers amber brews, manly reading materials, Koken chairs, antique towel steamers, and lather machines.

If you want to dive into this culture of classic masculine style, you will first need to be licensed as a barber through the Louisiana Board of Barber Examiners. As a barber, you get to specialize in the cutting, trimming, and styling of hair, moustaches, and beards.

For guidance on how to become a licensed barber in Louisiana, follow the steps in this guide:

Complete 1500 Hours of Louisiana Barber Training
Submit an Application for Louisiana Licensure and Examination
Pass Louisiana’s Barber Licensing Exams
Begin your Career as a Licensed Louisiana Barber



Step 1. Complete 1500 Hours of Louisiana Barber Training

Your first step toward a Louisiana barber license is completing a formal barber training school. To register in a barber college, you must provide the school with the following information:

  • Notarized Student Application
  • High School Diploma
  • Two 3×5 Signed Photographs

Once you do this, you may register as a Louisiana barber student. The Louisiana Board requires that you complete at least 1500 hours of barber training before you are eligible to take the barber licensing exams. As part of this training, the Board requires that you take courses in the following barber subject areas:

  • Introduction to Barbering
  • History of Barbering
  • Professional Ethics
  • Shop Safety Hazards
  • Louisiana State Laws and Regulations
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Shop Management and Salesmanship
  • Employment Preparation
  • Massage and Facials
  • Taper Haircut
  • Men’s Haircutting
  • Shampooing
  • Sanitation and Safety
  • Shaving

From your school, you should receive the professional barber-styling state board of examination review. This will prepare you to take the Louisiana state licensing exams. Finally, upon completing the 1500 hours of training, your barber school will notify the Louisiana Board of your graduation, and you will be eligible to take the next available license examination.


If you are unable to meet the education requirements through a regular barber training program, the Louisiana Board will allow you to complete a barber apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will serve to meet the barber education requirements. To be qualified, you must have a high school diploma, be at least 17 years old, and train underneath the direct supervision of a licensed barber in a licensed barbershop. As an apprentice, you will need to complete 4000 hour of training, including training in the following barber subjects:

  • Haircutting: Male and Female – 1100 hours
  • Facials – 100 hours
  • Shampooing and Scalp Treatments – 100 ours
  • Sanitation and Disinfection – 100 hours
  • Permanent Waving – 900 hours
  • Hair color – 600 hours
  • Hair Relaxing – 100 hours
  • Hair Pieces – 550 hours
  • Shop Management – 250 hours
  • Professional ethics – 200 hours
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Step 2. Submit an Application for Louisiana Licensure and Examination

You will receive an application for your Louisiana barber license and examination upon graduation. You will then need to supply the Board with the following materials and information:

  • Submit Examination and License Application
  • Furnish two 3×5 Signed Photographs
  • Submit Official Barber Training Certificate (signifying number of hours completed)
  • Pay $32 Examination Fee
  • Pay $40 License Fee


If you are an applicant from out-of-state, you will need to submit all of the above materials and information, along with the following fees:

  • $57 Out-of-State Examination Fee
  • $40 License Fee


If you already hold a barber license in another state, you may be able to apply for a Louisiana barber license based on reciprocity. This means that you would not need to take the licensing exams again. To do this, you may submit the license application along with the following information:

  • Certification of Licensure
  • Proof of Work Experience
  • $100 License Fee

As an applicant for your Louisiana barber license by examination, you will need to apply for examination at least two weeks prior to the next examination date. You can submit all of your application and supporting documentation materials to the Louisiana Board at the following address:

4626 Jamestown Ave
Suite 1
Baton Rouge, LA 70808



Step 3. Pass Louisiana’s Barber Licensing Exams

The Board will conduct license examinations every 3 months. You will need to pass two different licensing exams: a practical and written exam.


You will need to complete all phases of the practical exam within a three-hour time-period. You will need to bring your own live models to take this exam. You must bring three models: one female and two male. For this exam, you should be prepared to complete any of the following barbering services:

  • Taper Cut (performed on one male)
  • Cut and Style (performed on another male and female)
  • Shaves
  • Massages
  • Perm Rod Wraps


Secondly, you will need to complete the Louisiana barber written examination. You must complete the entire written exam within a one-hour time-period. This exam will cover barber theory subject, such as the following:

  • Louisiana State Laws and Regulations
  • Chemistry, Electricity, and Light
  • Skin, Hair and Scalp Disorders and Analysis
  • Draping Procedures for Facial Shaving
  • Hair Cutting, Styling, and Design

You must pass both exams with a score of 70% or higher in order to receive your Louisiana barber license. Once you pass both of these exams, the Louisiana board will issue your barber license.



Step 4. Begin your Career as a Licensed Louisiana Barber

As a licensed barber in Louisiana, you have two options:

  • You may look for traditional employment or contracted work in a licensed, local barbershop
  • You may advance your career by opening your own barbershop

If you are looking to work in one of the best-rated Louisiana barbershops, New Orleans is a hot spot. Here you may find opportunities with a rented chair under contracted employee status, or you may find jobs where you will be put on payroll:

  • City Barber Shop – Natchitoches
  • Magazine St. Barber Shop – New Orleans
  • Monteleone Barber Shop – New Orleans
  • Fant’s Barber Shop – Shreveport
  • Modern Men Barber shop – New Orleans

If you plan to open your own barbershop, you must give the Louisiana Board 30 days of written notice before you plan to open. Before you open, you must make sure that you meet the following Louisiana rules and regulations concerning barbershops:

  • Conduct Shop Inspection
  • Meet Minimum Equipment Requirements
  • Obtain All Sterilization Tools

Barber Salaries in Louisiana

As the state population continues to rise, more barbers will be needed to attend to the personal care demands of Louisiana residents.

According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission the number of personal care and service workers, such as barbers, will increase from 2,470 in 2012 to 2,810 by 2022. In effect, this employment projection is expected to create approximately 100 annual job openings for professionals in this occupational category.

Salary and Wage Averages for Barbers in Louisiana

Recent government publications are often the best source to find out how much a barber makes in Louisiana. In 2013, the Louisiana Workforce Commission reported the following salary and wage averages for barbers employed statewide:

Entry-Level: $21,010/yr. or $10.10/hr.
Median: $30,300/yr. or $14.57/hr.
Experienced: $47,040/yr. or $22.62/hr.
Government issued salary and wage statistics do not include customer added gratuity. Therefore, these pay figures for barbers in Louisiana should be viewed as base rates rather than actual earnings.

Advertised Pay Offers for Barbers in Louisiana

Another stellar way to gauge current salary and wage expectations for barbers is by referring to online job postings. In November 2014, the Louisiana Workforce Commission found the following pay offers for personal care and service occupation positions advertised online:

Entry-Level: $15,598/yr. or $7.50/hr.
Median: $20,800/yr. or $10.00/hr.
Experienced: $39,506/yr. or $18.99/hr.

Desired Salary Ranges for Barbers in Louisiana

According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, in November 2014 job candidates interested in barber positions desired different levels of salary ranges, including:

$20,000-$34,999: 86%
Not Specified: 57%
$35,000-$49,999: 29%
$5,000-$19,999: 43%
$50,000-$64,999: 86%

Regional Pay Differences Among Barbers in Louisiana

To understand the regional pay differences experienced by personal care and service workers (including barbers) in Louisiana, please refer to the 2013 United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data table featured below:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Alexandria LA
Estimate not released
Baton Rouge LA
Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux LA
Lafayette LA
Lake Charles LA
New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner LA
Estimate not released
Shreveport-Bossier City LA
Hammond nonmetropolitan area
Natchitoches nonmetropolitan area
New Iberia nonmetropolitan area
Estimate not released

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