London Barber Honors Homeless with Free Haircuts



Current barber and former musician Joshua Coombes considers himself part of a movement. Coombes gives free haircuts to homeless people on the streets of London. His vision encompasses a social goodwill movement that awakens other people’s compassionate sides.

The barber hopes that his work will inspire other people to give back and document their kindness. His photographer friend Matt Spracklen captures the moment for Instagram. Coombes, Spracklen, and CEO Dave Burt of Be Social Global dreamed up the concept of #DoSomethingForNothing.

The barber got the idea to give free haircuts when he had his gear on him and walked past someone who was homeless. He said it was “a lightbulb moment” in his head that would be an amazing way to connect with other people.

Coombes became a barber five years ago and sees the impact that a trim can have on a person. He catches a glimpse into a person’s life when they sit down for a haircut. Coombes told the Huffington Post that it becomes quite intimate during a haircut and that the person comes out of their shell. They start talking a bit deeper about their situation and their life.

The trio officially launched their movement on July 9, 2016 in London. Their hope was that if everyone did one thing for nothing in every city, that they could all change the world.

The group does not consider themselves as raising awareness. Their goal is to raise compassion. They encourage people to document their kind acts with the group’s hashtag and to continue to engage as they provide compassion around the world.