California Barbershop Gives Special Attention to Clients With Special Needs



People will special needs such as autism may have a difficult time getting a haircut. Such individuals may be sensitive to light or vibration, so it may take a little extra time to make them comfortable.

KGO-TV news described how a barbershop in San Mateo, California went well out of its way to help people with special needs.

Barbershop owner Travis Sweeney has a daughter who requires special care. That made him especially grateful to the Gatepath Family Resource Center which has provided a great deal of help to his family and daughter.

Sweeney wanted to give something back and decided to host a haircut party for the holidays at his San Mateo Zoo barbershop in partnership with the Center.

He had no problem getting fellow barbers to help and only had to ask. His colleagues were eager to give back to the community.

Dozens of children and adults with special needs got a day off to go to his holiday haircut party. His clients ranged with children and adults with autism to people with general disabilities.

Sweeney offered a safe environment for the haircuts. The barbers took care of clients who could be easily overwhelmed and were able to take extra time to make sure that they were comfortable with the process.

These clients were exceptionally grateful for their free haircuts. Sweeney told KGO-TV news that having a shop full of happy customers was the best present that a barber could ask for.

Being able to make an impact for the holidays and give back was all the payment that he needed.