Traveling Barber Courts Global Clientele



When Liverpool native Miguel Gutierrez first began cutting hair at the age of sixteen, he probably never guessed that just ten short years later he would become internationally recognized as the “Nomad Barber.”

It all began like this: After several years of hard work and tenacity working in venues throughout the London area, Gutierrez began dreaming about opening up his own barbershop. But before committing to such a large undertaking, he felt compelled to travel in hopes of discovering how the art of barbering translated across different cultures.

While struggling to figure out how to achieve this ambitious goal, Gutierrez was exposed to a blog article chronicling another barber working in unusual places and settings. The experience left a deep and lasting impression.

Soon after, Gutierrez started a Kickstarter campaign to help finance a one-year trip starting in June 2013 that would span five continents and 21 countries.

During his travels he used barbering services to engage with people from all walks of life. To help spread his mounting knowledge to the general public, Gutierrez decided to create his own YouTube web series where he could post videos of his experiences.

So what did his adventure teach him about barbering throughout the world?

In June 2016, Gutierrez told CNN News, “I learnt how different we are but how the same we are all over the world. It doesn’t matter how you got into it, whether you were born into it, or your family got you into it or you chose to go into it, everyone kind of goes through the same experiences and deals with the same type of clients every day.”

Gutierrez eventually did open his own barbershop in London and is currently launching a second one in Berlin. Yet, he has no intentions to stop travelling.

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