Orlando Barbers Bringing Back Old-Fashioned Styles

Barber shops, visions of yesteryear, are quickly making a mainstream comeback. Or at least that seems to be the case in Orlando, Florida, where there are more than a few prominent barber shops offering classic, stylish cuts in a traditional barbershop setting. One such business is owned by John Duvoisin and can be found in the Orlando Milk District, although Duvoisin owns another location that’s available for private appointments only.

Duvoisin said his passion for barbering came from his intense dissatisfaction with how other Barbers were handling his hair. “I was a picky, annoying barber shop customer when I was in high school. I just got sick of never getting what I wanted.”

So, he did what any picky hair connoisseur would do. He decided to go to barber school to learn the tricks of the trade, become a professional Barber and cater to all ethnicities and hair types.

Top Upton is another barber shop owner with a passion for classic styles and vintage aesthetics. His shop is decorated like a traditional barber shop of the 1950’s and his cuts make no exception. He has owned the shop for ten years, after being previously owned by three other Barbers. Upton’s shop is one of the most well-known in Orlando, because it’s the oldest and it has the client loyalty to prove it.

Jose Cruz comes from Puerto Rico and has always wanted to be a Barber. He started working from his backyard at the age of 16, before getting his Barber license in Orlando and opening his shop, just like he had always wanted.

“I already wanted to open my own business. I just didn’t know how to get there. So what I did, I just followed the steps.”

He opened his shop with only two employees and has grown to have ten friendly Barbers who offer old-fashioned cuts, as well as classic hot-towel shaves.