Vintage Barbershop Finds Home in the Recreated Town of Madison County, MS

Nothing evokes the spirit of nostalgia and reminiscence more than an old–time barbershop experience. The atmosphere and spirit of traditional barbershops has been sorely missing from contemporary establishments.

One of the biggest advantages that old, iconic barbershops have always possessed was that they provided community members a place to congregate and talk (maybe even gossip) within an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming. Now, those values are about to obtain a palpable presence in Madison County, Mississippi. Proprietor, Kim Brown, is set to re – introduce these qualities to the Madison County community through a vintage barbershop experience – welcome the “Livingston Barber.”

Historically, Madison County has set the stage for a variety of progressive developments. Over the years, the area has lost the prominence that it used to enjoy and much of its allure was extinguished after the area’s historic rail lines were moved to a different location. Now, the location is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts. One of the notable signs of this development is the fact that “Livingston Barber” is setting up shop within the community. Other establishments join the barbershop to strengthen the renewed spirit of the once–fabled location.

Brown expressed that it was the initial experience that she had with the location that convinced her to set up a vintage–style barbershop. After visiting the Farmers’ Market that is situated within the area, Brown felt that the location had the necessary elements to welcome an iconic establishment straight from the annals of American history.

Several vintage elements combine to make Brown’s vision of a traditioanal barbershop a reality in Madison County. The traditional suite of services like hot towels, shaves using a straight razor, and haircuts all exist within Brown’s “Livingston Barber.” Once you walk in, you’ll be sure to experience the good, old–fashioned feel of the traditiaonal American barbershop.